UK Publicity

With thanks to Victoria Gilder, the Publicity and Marketing Manager of Perseusbooks, the publisher of ‘Creating a World without Poverty’:

UK Publicity for Creating a World Without Poverty:


Bookseller (Review, 5th October)

Publishing News (Review, 14th September)

City AM (Review, 11th January) – “An inspiring vision of a more humanist approach to globalisation.” (4 star review)

Scotland on Sunday (Review, 25th January) – “This book is a must-read for policymakers or philanthropists, and its conversational style and straightforward logic also make it appealing to the layperson.” –

FT (Review, 2nd February)

The Times – (news story, 12th February) –

The Guardian – (news story, 13th February) –

The Guardian – (interview with Madeleine Bunting, 16th February) –

FT – (Grameen America news story, 16th February) –

FT – (Grameen/Credit Agricole news story, 19th February) –

Social Enterprise – interview (March issue)

Business Voice – interview (March issue)

Real Business – interview (March issue)

Prospect magazine – interview and book review (March issue)

Radio Interviews

* Today Programme (BBC Radio 4, 14th February) –

* Nihal (BBC Asian Network, 14th February) –

Business Daily (BBC World Service, 14th February)

Newshour (BBC World Service, 14th February)

* Simon Mayo Show (BBC Radio 5, 15th February) –

TV Interviews

Al Jazeera English – interview with Sir David Frost

BBC World – interview with Mike Wooldridge (World Affairs Editor)

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