Managing the Growth of Donations

This idea emerged during yesterday’s follow-up conversation of the St. James’s event. It is our way of raising funds for so far unpaid activities – for anybody who comes our way:

  • turning charities into ‘social businesses’
  • helping philanthropists become ‘social investors’.

Micro-Donations are meant to help people in ‘invisible’, ‘institutionalised’ or ‘mega-poverty’:

  • victims of banks, legal processes and other institutions:
  • unfair bankruptcies, undue legal costs, unlawful bank charges.

They have contributed to meetings of the Forum for Stable Currencies in the past and are represented by SAFE and many other similar organisations.

The bank account is the one of the Forum for Stable Currencies. It has been receiving £5 a month from one solid supporter since we set up the Campaign for Interest-Free Money in 1998. Recently, the account was used for registrations at St. James’s.


  1. Sabine,

    as always you can be relied upon to turn ideas into reality.

    Thank you for creating these spaces for us.

    Looking forward to exciting future developments and a real growth of donations.


  2. Thanks, Lilly,

    but I haven’t won the HTML battle yet and you gave us an important tagline: managing the growth of donations!…

  3. sabine,

    what a great corporate to build upon for ideas and development!
    This space will turn everyone of us to respond positvely in the right

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