Read the Book!

Form Book Clubs!

Create Social and Ethical Action Groups!


Entrepreneurs, address social objectives!

Bankers, set up microfinance departments!

Governments, set up social businesses funds!

Investors, don’t take profits out of companies!

Financial Institutions, give credit without collateral!

Development Institutions, start measuring Poverty not GDP!



  1. I’m afraid my comment may look like spamming (its the second one on this site in the same day) but I simply had to add to the ‘Specific Message’ related to Financial Institutions. I personally think interest-based banking should be separated from microfinance activities because the risks faced by some MFIs may be too great for them to payback their loans at the scheduled time. Instead, certain modes of islamic finance may be introduced to prevent the exploitation of MFI through the high build-up of interest-related dues.

  2. Don’t worry, Mark,

    your comments are most welcome, especially as they show such expertise!

    I agree: interest-based banking is different from microfinance activities, also because of the fundamental difference of ownership.

    In the end, the only thing that matters is that we are either a supplier or the user of such services.

    And that we stand on the right side of the ‘ethical fence’…

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