Souvenir Pack

Dr. Muhammad Yunus @ St. James’s Church, 197 Piccadilly, London

Saturday, Feb 16th, 2008, 2.30pm

A Collection of Net-Working Threads

to Remember the Launch of “Creating a World without Poverty”

1. The Key Connectors

a. Chris Macrae – Sponsor of World Entrepreneurship Summit

b. Victoria Gilder – PR Manager for Perseusbooks

c. Nick Hart-Williams – Organiser of Bristol event

d. Dr Lilly Evans, Dipl.Ing. – Strategic Learning Web

e. Mary FeeLETSLink UK and Webmistress

f. Chai Mason – Sound Engineer and DJ ChopStix

g. Sofia BoustamanteTurn Up the Courage

h. A Team of 20 Volunteers as ‘Yunus Hosts’

i. The Networks tapped

i. House of Lords and House of Commons

1. Lord Ahmed

2. Baroness Flather

3. Austin Mitchell MP

4. Vincent Cable MP

5. John McFall, Chairman of Treasury Select Committee

6. Treasury Select Committee Clerk

7. Cabinet Office of the Third Sector

8. 56 MPs who signed at least one of our Early Day Motions

ii. Royal Society of the Arts, Commerce and Manufacture

iii. Level Seven @ St. Brides Church, Fleet Street

iv. The London Accord

v. CityZone – TheEnterprise Network

vi. Be The Change

vii. Alternatives @ St. James’s

viii. Economic Research Council

ix. British Computer Society

x. The Microfinance Club

xi. The Cabinet Office of the Third Sector

xii. Social Enterprise Ambassadors

2. The Panel of ‘Yunus Ambassadors’

a. Aubrey Meyer who promotes Contraction & Convergence – the equal-rights-based framework for greenhouse gas emissions – through his Global Commons Institute.

b. Abdallah Homouda who multiplies positive messages through his daily newspaper column and TV channels in the Middle East.

c. Dr. Phyllis SantaMaria who is a director of MicroFinance Without Borders and was UK Director of the UN Year for Microfinance in 2005.

d. Peter Ryan, Founder of the MicroLoan Foundation – demonstrating a different approach to charity already before he had heard of Dr. Yunus.

e. David Sorrill worked for 26 years in Bangladesh, including a 3-year joint project with Grameen Bank, is now a social company advisor in the UK.

f. Herta von Stiegel is executive chairman of Stargate Capital Investment Group. She serves on several boards in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, including Opportunity International, a leading global microfinance organization.

g. Shafi Chowdhury studied with Dr. Yunus in Chittagong College and Dacca University. He retired from HM Customs and is very active as a voluntary Imam and in community services.

h. Farzana Khanom is a year 13 student at the Mulberry School for girls and was a student panellist of BeTheChange in 2007.

3. The Project in the Spirit of ‘Social Business’ and ‘Grameen IT’

a. Sustainable Investment Network
A Web 2.0 Proposal for Social Business Angels

4. The Websites

a. Forum for Stable Currencies
Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt –

b. 3D Metrics – Measuring New Qualities in Science, Finance and Economics –

5. The Blogs


b.Green Credit for Green Growth

c. Thoughts from the Edge

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