Social Enterprise v Social Business

Thanks to an email from Business Link London, I discovered that the definition for a ‘Social Enterprise‘ does actually correspond to the one by Dr. Yunus for ‘Social Business‘.

However, where is funding meant to come from, I wonder? Will Business Link make credit without collateral available or ‘convertible loans‘ for start-ups and entrepreneurs? Especially for ‘green enterprises’ to stop climate change?

I learned about convertible loans from the Wellcome Trust by whom I have been invited to make a submission for funding: a loan is repayable but can also be converted into equity, if both parties agree.

Thanks to Julia Meek from Catalyst Fund, I found out about Big Issue Invest and shall find out how straight the ethical dividing line is between ‘social enterprise’ and ‘social business’…

It is clear: in the UK, the distinction is not made between a ‘financial company’ and a ‘real company’. And the distinction between social enterprise as ‘dividend taking’ and a social business as non-business taking is not made. But the end of finance capitalism has to come and will come.

The Case against Social Enterprise spells it out in another way.

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