Social Capitalism

‘Social Capitalism’ may be what was operational in Germany before World War II. It was generally referred to as ‘social market economy’ and differed from the anglo-saxon version on a number of levels.

Within the framework of Dr. Yunus’ social objectives, ‘social capitalism’ would address health, education, poverty and pollution.

These are addressed by governmental institutions which have less and less public funds available and are eroded by the financial powers of multi-nationals.

For ‘social capitalism’ to be an effective doctrine that counteracts the powers of ‘globalisation’, requires institutional changes on many levels:

  • governmental – regarding
    • the creation of money, i.e. the sovereignty of nation states
    • the statistics regarding the money supply, i.e. seignorage as income for the state
  • monetary – regarding
    • fixed exchange rates between national currencies
  • fiscal – regarding
    • taxation without tax havens
    • grants that encourage entrepreneurs and employees alike
  • economic:
    • measuring inflation long-term
    • adding new poverty measures and social indicators to GDP
  • regulatory – regarding
    • ‘social business’ between for-profit companies and charities.


  1. I was in my physician’s office yesterday and found a page, I think in Business Week about Dr. Yunus’ new book. I cannot bring the name up on the internet. Can you supply this for me. Thank you.

    Stuart Jacobson

  2. Stuart,

    thank you for your query and sorry to take so long to get back to you.

    If you scroll down the right side of our blog you will see the front cover of Dr Mohammad Yunus’s last year book “Creating a World Without Poverty”. If you want to read reviews, again look on the right column here and click on the item in Post by Category with title Book Reviews.

    Hope it inspires you to action as it inspired us.

    Your physician’s office has some interesting reading! I am glad to note that it moved you to write here afterwards.

    Lilly Evans

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