Climate Capitalism

Climate Capitalism‘ could also be called ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ capitalism. In line with Dr. Yunus’ principles, it needs to be defined as follows:

  1. on the governmental level, green credit‘ funds government-supported ‘green’ programmes of activity which are run as ‘social businesses‘ a la Yunus
  2. on the level of monetary and financial institutions, ‘corporate social investments’ are made available as grants or interest-free loans to fund climate related social businesses
  3. on the level of philanthropic and social investors, ‘repayable loans’ or gifts fund climate related activities.

These changes require furthermore a new regulatory framework regarding taxation for investors, charities and social businesses.

In Parliament, the Forum for Stable Currencies has made suggestions to Government as an Early Day Motion (EDM) since 2002.

Our current EDM is entitled Green Credit for Green Growth.

WriteToThem is the easy way of inviting your MP to sign and thus strengthen awareness of this critical issue that few people and even fewer MPs understand…


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