Putting ‘social business’ on the map means creating networks of entrepreneurs, lawyers, accountants, property owners and mentors to help entrepreneurs with social objectives.

According to our ‘Yunus Ambassador’ David Sorrill, there are currently three types of legal incorporations to choose from:

1. Community Benefit Societies (BenComs)

2. Charitable Incorporated Organisations – both tax exempt

3. Community Interest Companies which pay taxes.

Business Link spells out the complete list which also includes unincorporated associations which cannot own property, but may also have trading or business objectives or carry on commercial activities.

Investors need to learn how to contribute to the enterprise after they have been paid back. Their expectation of getting dividends from profits needs to be shattered.

Accountants need to become aware of Dr. Yunus’ framework.

Property owners should be enticed to participate as ‘social investors’.

Entrepreneurs need to learn how to use profits for growing and expanding the business – not for the benefit of shareholders.

Business and project managers need to learn about principles and procedures that address the multi-dimensional human in us with the greater common good at heart.

Influencing the future of capitalism is a different activity for people in Bangladesh than for people living in the UK. In London, I have attended many meetings of political committees in the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Following the advice of a lawyer, I am now ‘going for Parliamentary scrutiny via the Treasury Select Committee. Having given a copy of “Creating a World without Poverty” to the Chairman, I now want to prove Dr. Yunus wrong: that institutions CAN deliver what they are supposed to.

Thanks to GoPetition, I felt encouraged to publish Stop the “Cash Crumble” to Equalize the “Credit Crunch”. As a Public Credit Petition, we simply request to investigate publicly what I and lots of others who have delved into monetary reform have discovered: the imbalanced mechanisms of the money supply in our financial institutions.

As a result, the financial economy has come to dominate the real economy. Who benefits? Anybody who has money to buy himself the right to passive income from dividends, rent or interest. Who suffers???


  1. Hello,

    My name is Ravi Shah. I work with BlackRock Inc., in New York City, currently in Internal Audit – Investment Management Division. I am 25 years old.

    I would like to volunteer for Grameen Bank or any other organization, and take this opportunity to learn more about the micro credit business model. I am looking for voluntary work, which can be performed from the U.S. and eventually I can spend a week or more on fieldwork sites in Bangladesh or India during my visit later this year.

    Regarding work, I am not sure what kind of projects you can get me involved and so your input will be helpful.

    Your response will be greatly appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Ravi Shah
    1 (408) 348-2705

  2. Dear Ravi

    Thank you for your interest and honourable intentions! In the US, you’d have to get in touch with the Grameen Foundation. See

    Their phone number in Washington is 888 764 3872.

    Good luck!


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