Posted by: Sabine Kurjo McNeill | February 6, 2011

Stop the Smear Campaign against Professor Yunus

It is such a shame that negative, non-creative power people and control freaks get up to a smear campaign against Muhammad Yunus of all people.

If that doesn’t show you what bad money can buy you, what does!?

Micro-finance, like a knife or a telephone, can be used for beneficial or for detrimental purposes. In the end we live in times of discernment: which side are we on – good or bad?

Please sign the Stop the smear campaign against Professor Yunus petition!


  1. You are completly right when you say microfinance is a two edged sword that cuts both ways. Muhammad Yunus does not run every microfinance institution out there and you can bet that alot of them will be well run as well as badly run. You cannot blame him for a badly run institution that he does not control, all you can do is point out faults in something he does have control over, and hope that these can be sorted out. All institutions have difficulties it is how we sort them out that counts.

  2. Thanks, Dai, and THANKS for leading me to Scribus!!!

  3. Hello Sabine. Thanks for starting this blog. I am glad to see there is a movement to stop the smear campaign against Prof Yunus. I think the microloan and microfinance industry could use some revamping in order to avoid the pitfalls of overlending to the poor. But it won’t happen by politicizing the issue or by the blame game. I hope that the microfinance world goes forward with putting in the proper checks and balances for itself under the present day demands from its clients – and stay successful in helping the poor.

  4. Dear Dhaka

    I think that ‘checks and balances’ are not enough. I do believe that it’s ultimately the grand game of becoming conscious of what everybody is doing – for good or for evil…

    Humans are good and bad any time all the time in all circumstances…

    Still, software could put checks and balances in place with all the ease and effectiveness of all good humans put together!

    That’s political will on another level though!…

    With many thanks for your appreciation,


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